Transform your museum exhibits into interactive, immersive experiences with Augmented Reality technology that's cutting-edge and easy to use.

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Welcome to the ARLOOPA platform, where technology meets history. By creating AR for museums, visitors can stand in front of a historical artifact and witness it come to life with just the touch of a button. The AR technology allows visitors to explore and appreciate art and artifacts in new and innovative ways, by viewing them from different angles, or being transported back in time to see the artist at work. Museums can create AR experiences for visitors who are looking for truly immersive and memorable content.



About 13,700,000 results (0.53 seconds) 
About 13,700,000 results (0.53 seconds) 

You can create incredible AR experiences for your visitors with just a few clicks, and you don't need any previous experience in AR or coding. Even when you don't have ideas, we'll work closely with you to suggest how to incorporate AR technology into your museum in a way that's tailored to your needs.

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So why wait? Join the future of museums today by subscribing to ARLOOPA platform and

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Join many museums worldwide that have revolutionized their visitor experience with ARLOOPA's AR platform. Creating an account with ARLOOPA is the first step to unlocking the full potential of augmented reality for your museum.

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Once signed up, you'll be assigned a personal manager to guide you through onboarding. We understand the pressure of creating unique and unforgettable experiences for your visitors, so we're here to provide brainstorming opportunities and offer guidance every step of the way.

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Your museum has a unique story to tell, and ARLOOPA's team of experts is here to help you bring it to life. Whether you want to use your own content or take advantage of our custom animations, interactive elements, and web-based AR, we'll work with you to create a customized AR experience that captures the essence of your museum and delights your visitors.


Armine Grigoryan

Director of Aram Khachaturian Museum.

I feel privileged to recommend ARLOOPA Inc. AR/VR development services. Aram Khachaturian Museum has had the pleasure to work with the ARLOOPA team in the past two years, during which period we have jointly implemented a range of innovative projects. Each collaboration with the ARLOOPA team has been a pleasure due to their professional and friendly approach. They always observed the deadlines and did their best to deliver beyond what was expected.

Marine Mkrtchyan

Director of Russian Art Museum

The Russian Art Museum of Yerevan collaborated with ARLOOPA on building an immersive project based on one of the most famous paintings of the museum. Our goal was to equip the museum with the modern technological solutions and make it more appealing for visitors. While sourcing for an AR/VR development company to handle the task, I sought quality, professionalism and affordability. ARLOOPA combined all the three. By placing your bet on this firm, you stand to join a long list of happy clients.

Karine Kochar

Director of Ervand Kochar Museum

I had the pleasure of working with ARLOOPA to implement a virtual gallery project for Ervand Kochar Museum in Yerevan. Responsible, punctual and extremely professional, the ARLOOPA team was one of the best technology teams we’ve ever collaborated with, and I absolutely endorse their qualification and skill set. I was continuously impressed by the knowledge they brought to the table and their dedication to staying on top of the latest in the field.

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